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wilbur_moof's Journal

5 January
'My friend,' Stepan Trofimovich said in great agitation, 'savez-vous, this wonderful and... all my life this extraordinary passage has been a stumbling block for me... dans ce livre... so that I remember this passage from my childhood. Now an idea has occurred to me; une comparison. A great many ideas keep occurring to me now: you see, this is exactly like our Russia. These devils who go out of the sick man and enter the swine--they're all the plagues, all the miasmas, all the filth, all the devils, and all the demons who have accumulated in our great, our dear, sick Russia for centuries, for centuries! Oui, cette Russie, que j'aimais toujours. But a great idea and a great will protect her from on high, just as they did that madman possessed by devils, and all the devils will leave, all the filth, all the abominations festering on the surface... they themselves will ask to enter the swine. They may even have entered them already! It's we, we and they, and Petrusha... et les autres avec lui, and I, perhaps, first of all, at the head of them; we'll cast ourselves, all the insane and possessed, from the cliffs into the sea and we'll all drown, and it'll serve us right, because that's all we're really good for. But the sick man will be healed and "will sit at the feet of Jesus"... and everyone will look upon him in astonishment... My dear, vous comprendrez aprés, meanwhile it excites me greatly... Vous comprendrez aprés... Nous comprendrons ensemble.'